Grayham Puttock Art

About Grayham Puttock

Grayham Puttock is the creator, writer & artist of the graphic novel 'Closely', and the ongoing comic series 'Circuside'. in 2018 Grayham was a collaborative artist, along with Andy Clift, on Matt Garvey's award-winning one-shot 'Red Rocket Comet'. He has also contributed to the anthology comic series Bizarre Dimensions, with Andrew Richmond and Cliff Jones.

He lives in Somerset.

Other works by Grayham Puttock include the acclaimed mini-series 'Love&Ammunition', described by Comic Heroes magazine as a 'magical shitstorm', and the occasional series 'Hammerhant'.

He has worked as an artist on 'Pilgrim Strips' and provided words & pictures for the online magazine 'Electric Sheep'.

He enjoys looking at things 'over there'

That's him..............